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 Throughout the different periods of Islamic History, Muslims have been
 blessed with
great personalities and leaders, who have revived Islam
 through the nobility of their character, through writing books, through
 their speeches and by their demeanour. This period is no different
 save for the fact that these personalities appear to be few and far
 between. In Rais al-Muhaqiqin, Shaykh al-Islam w'al Muslimeen, Hadrat
 Allama Mufti Pir Sayyad Shah Muhammad Madani miya al-Ashrafi al-Jilani [May Allah
 preserve &  protect him
] we have an awesome personality, an outstanding orator, and a
 true living saint. To increase our understanding of Shaykh al Islam, a brief summary of his
 early life, his works and  achievements have been set out in a few of the pages of this
 website. The website will be continuously updated as more information is resourced and
 compiled. Insha-Allah many more new articles, videos and features will be uploaded in the
 coming weeks and months.
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