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Significance of the Title



Hadrat 'allama as-Sayyid ash-Shah Muhammad Madani Mia'n, al-Ashrafi, al-Jilani, and the Title of Shaykh al-Islam


'' Hadrat acquired the honorary title of 'SHAYKH AL-ISLAM' circa 1974 when the 'Ulama' of India started addressing him as such. Among the senior 'Ulama' present at the time included Mufti-e-A'azam-e-Hind, Hadrat 'Allama Mawlana Mustafa Raza Khan, 'alayhi al-rahmah w'al-ridwan, of Bareily Sharif son of A'ala Hadrat Azim ul-Barkat, Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Mawlana ash-Shah Ahmad Raza Khan, 'alayhi al-rahmah w'al-ridwan, together with Hadrat's Murshid: Spiritual Guide, Shaykh al-Masha'ikh, Hadrat 'Allama Mawlana Sayyad Mukhtar Ashraf al-m'aruf: popularly known as 'Sarkar-e-Kala'n, 'alayhi al-rahmah w'al-ridwan. ''      


One can evidently see from the above that the title of Shaykh al-Islam is not exclusive to anyone other than the distinguished and learned 'Ulama' and righteous notable Masha'ikh of the Ahl as-Sunnah w'al-Jama'ah [The People of the Prophetic Sunnah and the authentic majority]. It is also noted that this title and similar titles are awarded by distinguished 'Ulama' to other distinguished 'Ulama' who are distinct and renowned for their Scholarship, in-depth knowledge, Soundness of Judgement, ability to express independent legal opinion and who excel over their contemporaries in Taqwa'.  


In Shaykh al-Islam, Hadrat 'allama as-Sayyid Muhammad Madani Mia'n, al-Ashrafi, al-Jilani, we find such a person of awe and distinct qualities. His character exemplary, his life consistently pious, rich in knowledge and wisdom, of sound judgement and humility only spoken of in our age. We see 'Ulama' and Masha'ikh humbled before him acknowledging his piety and soundness of opinions and knowledge. He possesses exceptional qualities and moral traits rarely found in a single individual in our times and one who Muslims can earnestly envy to emulate. He is the pride and prize of the Ahl as-Sunnah w'al-Jama'ah, whose presence is a source of barakah: blessings for the Ummah, whose company is truly he is truly a blessed child of our beloved Messenger, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam, an accomplished Scholar and indeed from the Awliya' of Allah:


'That is the Grace of Allah, which He grants on whom He wills. And Allah, is the Owner of Mighty Grace.' [al-Qur'an 62:4]


[Note: The above title was entrusted in the presence of senior and foremost Scholars and Sufi Masters of the Ahl as-Sunnah w'al-Jama'ah and subsequently endorsed throughout India and in the sub-continent till today. As stated such titles are honorary and must not become subject of debates today by students of Islam who are students or murids of other respectable 'Ulama' and Masha'ikh. No one becomes less of a Scholar or less of a Shaykh or more for that matter, without this or other similar honorary titles, for Allah, the Most Exalted and Sublime is the All-Knower and Knowledgeable and He is the best to Judge and Knower of what we conceal in our hearts. Adverse talk in this regard is merely from the whispers of the devil who seeks such opportunity to create discord amongst sincere Muslims.]  


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